Sunday, 27 July 2014

I'm so hungry I could eat BIRDCAGE

A cute little cafe located on Rundle St, decorated around the place are bird wall decals, metal birdcages and candles on every table and even this vintage sewing machine. We seated ourselves at the last table left on a busy Friday night, and looked through the menu to order the things below.
It was a chilly night so Mr. Tidehunter opted for some hot chocolate. Unfortunately this was a little dissapointing as it arrived lukewarm, and was slightly bland if not for the chocolate sprinkled on top.
This adorable little cake is the Raspberry glory, a raspberry and vanilla mousse cake. The taste was very nice, except it felt like it had been in the fridge for a little bit too long as the outside was quite hard compared to the moussey texture in the inside, although you can not blame them because we came late on a Friday night.
Lastly we ordered a waffle to share. The waffle itself was very dense, however the nutella and icecream complimented it well. my favourite part of this was the strawberry icecream, it had a distinctly fresh strawberry taste, like real strawberries (not something you find often in strawberry icecream.)

The service at the restaurant was fantastic, employees smiled at us even though it was getting late, and seemed very enthusiastic about their cafe.

Overall this dessert cafe was distinctly meh. I think it's a case of style over substance, the cafe is very nicely decorated and the food itself was rather lacking and the lukewarm hot chocolate wasn't what we were hoping for on a cold night. I probably wouldn't return very often, as there are other more attractive dessert cafes on Rundle St.

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  1. All i seem to be reading laetly is negativety from so called master judges who seem to know alot about nothing!!!!! First of all this is the only place i know that if you ask for a hot drink that is exactly what you get. When you are served your hot drink obviously you don't drink it straight away... Nothing stays hot forever.... From whst i can see your wasting time taking photos instead of drinking your coffee and then complaining that it's look warm...Why didn't you ask them for a ew cup of hot chocolate? I even know for a fact that they preserve their own mangoes as the Whistling crepes is my facourite. Maybe personal hygene (Bad breath or gingervitis can be your problen for thinking the mangoes are canned). I would suggest more frequent brushing at least once a day and you might be able to taste the difference. About the quality of the cake you ate being slightly hard. Did you realise it came out of a display FRIDGE!!!! There are certain guidelines that you need to meet.... Lets say like your fridge at home it must be 4degrees or under to keep your food from spoilage!!!!!!!obviously you either don't own s fridge or it's not switched on. Please!!!!! Lets see how you would do running your own business. If it wasn't for cafe's critics woukd be at home drinking their dishwater international roast. All i can say is GET A LIFE.

    1. If you had actually read the whole thing, you would have noticed that the overall score was a 3/5 (which is a not a bad score). You come across as a very bitter store owner who can't accept anything less than a 5/5 for their establishment. Going after the author on the basis of their breath is incredibly childish, both in relation to mangoes (they were never mentioned) and not being able to defend the food other than saying it must be something wrong with them. If you actually are the owner or in some way affiliated with them I would probably not come eat here knowing how you behave.