Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm so hungry I could eat LITTLE NNQ

If you're a fan of Vietnamese food in Adelaide, it's more than likely that you've been to NNQ before. Little NNQ is the newly opened daughter restaurant of NNQ, run by the children of the owners of the original one.
The decor is lovely, beautiful wallpapers, adorable jars for drinks and glasshouse candles in the scent 'Saigon'. Certainly a step up from the typical family run Vietnamese restaurant which pays no attention whatsoever to furnishings.

The menu is also very different from a typical Vietnamese restaurant. Their only offer of pho was an entree size, and the typical menu of noodle soups and vermicelli salads was completely absent. Instead there was a selection of smaller dishes for entrees, and large (mostly meat based) dishes for mains, likely designed for sharing. The dishes were very out of the ordinary too, combining interesting flavours. I opted for a classic though, sugarcane prawn cold rolls.
Although this looks like a lot, I was slightly disappointed with the serving size. I'm very used to eating Vietnamese food in gigantic servings and was left hungry after eating my dish. (Pretty much clearing it out except for the banana leaf and then eating some of my friends food as well.) The taste is alright, but nothing spectacular, the sauce was not very spicy and the sugarcane prawns were slightly bland, being overpowered by the thick slices of pickled daikon and carrot.

The service at this restaurant was nothing short of exceptional, quite likely because one of my friends was serving us. It was a little bit funny though as one of the waiters couldn't pronounce pho.

Overall this restaurant is somewhere I'd probably take western friends or company I am trying to impress. It distinctly tries to move away from the traditional Viet restaurant dining experience and offers something more high class. I think if you come here expecting a typical Viet restaurant you will be let down, however little NNQ stands as a nice restaurant on its own. But when it comes to value and taste between here and there, the original NNQ wins.


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