Sunday, 31 August 2014

I'm so hungry I could eat BREAD & BONE WOOD GRILL

Peel St is apparently the new upcoming location in Adelaide. A number of new trendy places have sprung up in this alleyway, tucked away between hairdressers and a map shop. One of these is Bread & Bone Wood Grill, a strange establishment that is mostly a tunnel. Playing on lots of trends, this restaurant is a gourmet burger joint, with an old industrial feel.
This was from my first visit, I had the B&B burger and a serve of onion rings. The B&B burger was absolutely delicious, the patty was slightly rare and very juicy and the ingredients like the caramelised onions and the speck (which is just another word for ham really) came together very well to make a fantastic burger. The onion rings were quite nice as well, very crispy and fresh.

On my second visit I took Mr. Tidehunter who opted for a B&B hotdog. He said it was one of the best hotdogs he's ever had, and I trust his judgment because he loves hotdogs. He also thoroughly enjoyed the onion rings inside the hotdog.

I opted for the soft shell crab burger. Having been on a soft shell crab kick. The burger was exceptionally nice, and had a generous portion of soft shell crab inside, it came with chilli kewpie, which suited the crab well, but otherwise there were just greens inside the burger. Although I liked the burger a lot, I think I would have liked to see some more curious ingredients in the burger, especially as it is a gourmet burger place.
Lastly we decided to try some dessert. This is the red velvet soft serve. It was really nice and creamy and I think we both liked it because it was more subtly sweet and the chocolate flavour really shone through.

Overall, the atmosphere was very interesting, both times I decided to sit in the semi-outdoors tunnel instead of inside which is quite dark and industrial. I think downstairs there I a bar type of thing, that wasn't open the first time I went but was the second. The service was decent, nothing really exceptional happened to talk about and I definitely will be returning (I mean I went twice in one week, I think that speaks for itself.)


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