Thursday, 7 August 2014

I'm so hungry I could eat KOKO BLACK

Koko Black hails from Melbourne, but opened a salon here in Adelaide. I've walked past it many times, sometimes even popping in to grab some truffles as presents but haven't ever had the chance to sit down and have a full dessert, until now.

First up is the milk hot chocolate, Koko black's hot chocolate was presented beautifully, in a fairly generous cup. It was a nice temperature for drinking and had a warm but mild chocolate flavour.
Now this is the more exciting part, the dessert degustation for 2. Containing from left to right, chocolate mousse, chocolate alchemy cake, raspberry mousse, opera gateau and chocolate icecream. The chocolate mousse was alright, although a little bit stickier and denser than mousse usually is. The chocolate alchemy cake was a complete let down. It tasted of almost nothing and merely had the texture of dense cake. Apparently this is their signature dish though. The raspberry mousse was quite delicious, and it was nice to have that lighter fruitier flavour amongst a chocolate dominated plate. The opera gateau had layers of dark chocolate mousse, with hazelnut and caramel, however the overall flavour was very densely chocolatey. The icecream was the highlight of the assortment for us. It had a pleasant heavy chocolate flavour and the soil and tuile it was served with were very nice!

The staff were very friendly, and what was nice was that the food is made in an open area behind glass, so that you are able to see them at work and see their chefs plate the dishes.

Overall, Koko black was distinctly average, if you absolutely love chocolate then this may be the place for you, but overall there isn't much variety with flavour.


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