Thursday, 4 September 2014

I'm so hungry I could eat RENA'S THAI KITCHEN

One of the places I frequent when I'm craving Thai food is Rena's Thai kitchen, located on the East side of Adelaide this place is a suburban gem.
The pepper soft shell crab is absolutely delicious. Crunchy soft shell crab with pepper seasoning accompanied with vegetables such as coriander and onion make this dish a must order! It also has a generous serving of soft shell crab which is always good to see.
The drunken noodles were very well flavoured with a healthy serving of chicken and vegetables were mixed in as well. What made the dish even better for me were the noodles, they were almost like sheets with how wide they were. I personally love wide flat noodles so it definitely was a plus for me.

Overall this restaurant warrants returning over and over again, however it can be hard to get a seat sometimes as it is quite small and quite popular. The menu has quite a number of choices and the flavours are great. Definitely give it a try if you feel like Thai food.


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