Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I'm so hungry I could eat THE LOFT

The Loft is an oyster and wine bar located on the ever so busy Gouger Street. I actually used to hate oysters but on our first anniversary Mr Tidehunter took us to eat kilpatricks, and ever since then I've loved them. When we're feeling like oysters, we always head to The Loft now.
They have a good choice of side dishes, we usually get the fries. (I know, you can get fries anywhere, but these are pretty nice!) The garlic aioli compliments it perfectly, and tomato sauce is tomato sauce.
The salt and pepper whitebait is really nice too, the serving is generous and they're nice and crunchy. They come with another mayo based sauce, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is.
This is what we come here for, the kilpatrick oysters, made with aged prosciutto and local Coffin Bay oysters. They're absolutely delicious.

Overall, the food here is really nice, especially if you want to just sit down and have a chat with someone. I find their drinks weirdly expensive though, even though I don't drink alcohol. Their soft drinks have a lot of ice in them, which is mildly disappointing. Other than that, the atmosphere is fantastic, the service is lovely, and nothing beats sitting on a balcony overlooking Chinatown and slurping back some oysters.


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  1. YUMMMM, wow that Salt and Pepper Whitebait looks so good (I don't think I''ve ever eaten a whole little fish like that before!). I didn't even know about this place, I must have my head up my butt when I go to Gouger.