Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm so hungry I could eat MATSURI

Matsuri is a restaurant that's been in Adelaide for a long time! I remember coming here a decade ago as part of a school excursion. The restaurant is themed very traditionally, with kimonos hanging as art and sliding bamboo doors. They even have a traditional seating area, where there are cushions to kneel on (with a modern hack of having a space in the ground to dangle your legs if you feel more comfortable that way.) Since I came here with a huge group of people, I didn't get to photograph and try every dish that we ordered, so I'll be reviewing a few highlights!
This is their tuna belly sushi, an absolutely amazing dish. The quality of the tuna was very good, and the fish melted in your mouth.
This strange dish is beef tataki, rare beef slices with radish and mayonnaise. Something I wouldn't have thought to order myself, but I am certainly glad that someone else did. The beef tastes very fresh, and leaves none of the heaviness that cooked beef usually does. The radish, mayonnaise and sauce compliment the rare beef slices perfectly. Something I'd definitely try again.
Ah aburi salmon, a favourite of mine and I couldn't resist ordering an aburi salmon don for myself. A healthy serving of delicious torched salmon slices and rice make a perfect main. The flavour of the aburi salmon was very rich, and the cucumber, mayonnaise and rice complemented but didn't overwhelm the fish. I might be biased here though because I just love aburi salmon!
Last, but certainly not least (in fact probably the most impressive) is the large sushi and sashimi boat. A blend of different sushi and sashimi slices, there was something for everyone, even those that didn't like fish.

The service was incredibly good, especially considering we had such a large table. They offered us to order some smaller dishes first so that they could begin preparing them before we decided on the rest of our order.

Overall, the dining experience at Matsuri was something I really enjoyed. I will admit that it is out of my usual dinner budget range, however for a special occasion or a celebration I'd definitely spoil myself here with their delicious japanese food!


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