Thursday, 7 August 2014

I'm so hungry I could eat THE AVIARY

Another bird themed cafe, the Aviary. One of the few specialist dessert cafes in Norwood. A prime location for the cinema, squash and dining. So naturally dessert is to be had too!

First order is the usual hot chocolate for Mr. Tidehunter. However this time he opted for a twist, a peanut butter hot chocolate. It had a distinct peanut butter taste, however was unfortunately lukewarm.

The dessert we decided to share was a salted caramel popcorn ensemble, called 'So Corny'. It has icecream, filo pastry, salted caramel popcorn and popcorn dust arranged beautifully over the plate. Although the bulk of the dessert tasted ok, the icecream being the highlight, what really ruined the dish for me was the stale popcorn. Popcorn and salted caramel are very trendy ingredients right now, however with popcorn, it really does have to be fresh otherwise it absorbs moisture and goes stale very quickly. The salted caramel was also not very evenly distributed. In some parts of the dessert I was biting into salt chunks, leaving a distinctly too salty taste in my mouth.

The service was also questionable, the person who met us at the door seemed to make a fuss about it being full but once we were led up to the tables, it was half empty. Although I understand that this restaurant is usually busy and a booking is required. We went on a Wednesday night on a whim, no need to make a fuss about us not booking, especially when tables are not even close to full.

Overall, my previous experiences with the Aviary being only so-so coupled with the stale food makes me very unlikely to want to come back here again.


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