Thursday, 14 August 2014

I'm so hungry I could eat MANDOO

Mandoo is a little dumpling house just off Hindley St in the city. They serve korean dumplings and hotpot, though their menu is limited there are a fair few choices of different dumpling fillings both meat and vegetarian. Our table was provided with green pickles in a jar and little dishes to eat them off and a little bit of chilli sauce
I ordered the fried chicken dumplings, it was served with a tiny scoop of mashed potato as well as a fairly basic salad with white sauce. The dumplings themselves were not immensely flavourful, the chicken filling was a little bit bland however the textures were nice. I imagine that some of the other meats or vegetables may have had a stronger flavour. The chilli sauce wasn't hot at all, but provided a little bit of flavour to the dumplings. The serving size was fairly generous, and despite me completely cleaning off my plate, most of my friends couldn't finish all of theirs. Which probably says more about me than the store.

The atmosphere was very basic, they largely left us to our own devices except for when we went up to order. Overall, I'd come back here again if invited, but it's not somewhere I am entirely enthusiastic about, but I feel I should probably try some of the other flavours before I write it off!


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