Saturday, 13 September 2014


Aghan charcoal kebab village is the new location for the aghan kebab place down on South Rd. The same owners with the same menu but a completely new look, the new location features shiny new furniture and a larger seating area but with the same great food they've always had.
We both ordered the chicken kebabs. The kebabs are accompanied with rice, salad and 2 sauces. One of the sauces is a minted yoghurt, the other is a vinegar and tomato based sauce. The chicken itself is deliciously soft and tender, and the charcoal flavour is very comforting. The serving size is very generous and even I struggle to finish my meal off.

When I thought this place had closed down I was definitely a bit dissapointed, so I'll certainly come back as I have done numerous times before to the old location. It's the perfect place for some cheap lunch or dinner if you're feeling like something meaty.


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  2. Visited My Charcoal Kebab House on Port Rd in Hindmarsh today and they also claim to be the people from the Afghan place on South Rd!? Same menu too with the same flavours....